Open Letter to Mr. Ji Qi and Mme. Jenny Zhang, Huazhu Group

Dr. Thomas Gädeke Schleswiger Str. 29 24941 Flensburg

Mme. Jenny Zhang, Huazhu Group

No. 2266 Hongqiao Road, Changning District, Shanghai CHINA

March 4, 2020

Regarding a planned IntercityHotel in Flensburg, Germany

(Steigenberger Hotels / German Hospitality)

Dear Mr. Ji Qi, dear Mme.Jenny Zhang,

As the new owners of the Steigenberger Holding I like to let you know that the recently planned Steigenberger Intercity Hotel (to be erected by the Jara Immobilien in Flensburg) has caused intensive discussions among the citizen of Flensburg.

You may read about the objections against the execution of the hotel project in the net: Factually, the hotel cannot be built without a multistorey car park aside. This car park will cause damage to many trees and a sophisticate nature system. Many people and experts in Flensburg are upset about these plans and will connect the name „Steigenberger“ to this damage of nature and will give the name “Steigenberger” a negative image.

Commercially, the hotel your Group wishes to set up will face stiff competition: two hotels are nearby and one new budget hotel will start operating in 2020 approx. 200m away of location planned.

In the near future, the Flensburg railway station will lose its importance for national trains due to a new station to be built on the main track on behalf of German and Denmark Railways From Denmark to Hamburg. Only local short distance trains will call the railway station adjacent to your hotel projected. There is no commercial sense to invest close to the current railway station in my humble opinion. Flensburg visitors would probably prefer hotels and vacation homes (Airbnb or others) north or south of the Flensburg Fjord.

Please consider these points when evaluating the situation.

Please nominate a contact person to discuss further details whenever convenient.

Sincerely yours

(gez) Dr. Thomas Gädeke or

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